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Winners EYR4 2013

Read more about the winning projects and the jury quotes (pdf)

Winners EYR3 2011

  • 1st prize: Next generation networking for next generation sequencing
    Lead applicant: Jan Bot (TU Delft)
    Partners: TU Delft, AMC, RUG, Erasmus MC, Hubrecht, LUMC, VU Amsterdam, WUR, BGI (Hong Kong) en Complete Genomics (USA)
  • 2nd prize: Implementation of a Centralized Image Processing Unit to facilitate Large-Scale Population Imaging Studies
    Lead applicant: Henri Vrooman (Erasmus MC)
    Partners: Erasmus MC, LUMC, TU Delft
  • Shared 3rd prize: Stream in the Netherlands: an E-Infrastructure for Distributed Visual Analysis of Flooding Scenarios
    Lead applicant: Gerwin de Haan (Delft University of Technology)
    Partners: Delft University of Technology, Donald Smits Centre for Information Technology (Groningen University), Alterra
  • Shared 3rd prize: CONCLUDE: Connecting climate model data for scientific users and decision-makers
    Lead applicant: Wilco Hazeleger (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, KNMI)
    Partners: KNMI, Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)
  • Sustainability prize: High-Performance Distributed Multi-Model / Multi-Kernel Simulations
    Lead applicant: Frank Seinstra (VU University Amsterdam)
    Partners: VU Amsterdam, Universiteit Leiden, Universiteit Utrecht

Winners EYR2 2009

Download the booklet describing all competing proposals (pdf)

Winners EYR1 2007

  • Peter van Ooijen (UMC Groningen) 
    Distribution of radiology images in the NELSON lung cancer screening study
  • Jan Veldink (UMC Utrecht) 
    Lightpath for the high-throughput genome-wide analyses in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Wouter Teeuw (Telematica Instituut) 
    Intelligent CCTV monitoring at Arke Stadium
  • Jack Valentijn (LUMC) 
    Electron microscopy using lightpaths
  • Henk A. Dijkstra (University of Utrecht) 
    Remote High-Resolution Visualisation of Climate Data using Pixel Streaming