EYR-Global 2015 Opens 26 April

Advanced Networking for International Research

Enlighten Your Research Global (EYR-Global) will soon kick off its second biannual program. Twelve National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) representing the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe have partnered to oversee the 2015 program. This will open up a breadth of opportunities for research collaborations in more countries, and allow the program to take on more projects.

In 2013, four research projects in climate, genomics, and computer science received awards in the form of network resources and/or engineering consultations so as to improve the science workflows in each project. This was a collaborative effort between the five national research and education networks in Finland (Funet), the Netherlands (SURFnet), the U.K. (Janet), and the U.S. (ESnet and Internet2). Having more than doubled the number of partnered organizations, the 2015 program is now on track to double the project acceptance rates.

EYR-Global is a program where network organizations come together to help accelerate international research collaborations through improved networking, data transfers, or engineering. Researchers, mark your calendars! The call for research proposals will open on 26 April 2015.

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NRENs involved in EYR-Global 2015. (Map data ©2013 MapLink, with permission of Google this map is displayed on the website.)