Enlighten Your Research (EYR) is a set of programs that support all disciplines of research–from climate science to humanities–to bring technological solutions into research workflows.

Why EYR?

Due to its increasingly collaborative nature, research is rapidly becoming data-intensive and dependent on e-infrastructures to process, analyze and share data.

These e-infrastructure resources often include (but are not limited to) supercomputing centers, cloud resources, university compute clusters, archival storage, scientific instruments (such as observatories or light-sources) and the research and education (R&E) networks that connect all these resources.

The EYR programs bring e-infrastructure organizations together to review project proposals from the researchers and provide technical expertise, resources and/or solutions to selected projects.


The organising partners for each EYR program is different. The Dutch Enlighten Your Research programs are usually organized with SURFnet, SURFsara, NWO and Netherlands eScience Center. They offer a world-class operational communication and computing infrastructure to facilitate scientific research. These organizing e-Infrastructures provide researchers with high-speed communication networks and powerful computing middleware tools that foster collaboration and promote the shared use of high-end computing and data resources.

EYR-India2Europe is organized by G√ČANT, the pan-European research and education network, and NKN, a research and education network in India. More information about the organizing partners can be found here.

EYR@EaP is organized by the Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project with leading partners to create an opportunity for research communities in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region to accelerate their research.

How does EYR work?

Through a two-step, but lightweight proposal process, researchers are asked to share details about their experiment or collaboration, their research goals and the technical resources that could help their research workflow. In consultation with the participating e-infrastructure organizations, researchers will work to develop a plan for creating a solution to connect their collaborators, experiment and other resources on an international scale.