About the Enlighten Your Research Global Program

Due to its increasingly collaborative nature, large-scale science is rapidly becoming completely dependent on a complex ecosystem of global research and education (R&E) networks. This is because unique, geographically dispersed scientific instruments and facilities need to be accessed and used remotely by thousands of researchers worldwide. Furthermore, these facilities create massive data sets – which for some experiments can reach terabytes to hundreds of petabytes – that have to be archived, catalogued, and analyzed using large-scale infrastructure resources.  The ability to reliably manage the round-the-clock data flows from these computing centers and experimental facilities is essential for scientists to conduct research in today’s research environment.

To ensure that researchers – no matter where they are located – can meet the time-critical needs of their research in this new paradigm, twelve national research and education networks (NRENs) from around the world are bringing their resources together to continue the “Enlighten Your Research Global” initiative.

This new program, now in its second installation, is soliciting researchers and collaborations that could see immediate benefit to their scientific output through significantly augmented networking and computing resources that they may not have traditionally had access to.

Through a two-step, but lightweight proposal process, researchers are asked to share details about their experiment or collaboration, their research goals and the networking resources they may require to improve their research.  In consultation with the participating NRENs, researchers will work to develop a plan for creating a robust solution to connect their collaborators, experiment and other resources on an international scale.  The NRENs in return will develop a plan for supporting these needs including those that can be provided at no cost to the research collaboration.

More information about the partners in the second installation of Enlighten Your Research Global can be found here.